Just a Theory …

Buddhist quote by Lama Shenpen for Manchester meditation class
Do theories address the problem?

Lama Shenpen answers a student’s question about her lecture on a Tibetan Buddhist teaching “Milarepa And The Shepherd Boy” also know as the “Shepherd’s search for Mind”. She asks: “What is it that can take knowledge itself as an object?” View this week’s question and response here:


Each week Lama Shenpen answers a question from a meditation student. The students are studying her ‘Living the Awakened Heart’ Training courses. Why not become one of Lama Shenpen’s students and ask her a question? Lama loves a good question! For more information about training in the Awakened Heart Sangha visit: www.ahs.org.uk/training or come along to one of our classes in Chorlton, Manchester