Learn Buddhist meditation in the heart of Manchester. Join our weekly classes in Eccles to learn about meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Our classes are suitable for all levels of experience from complete novice to experienced meditators. Beginners are always welcome. Each class includes clear, detailed meditation instruction, so that you can begin meditating from your very first session.

Our classes are led by meditation instructors trained in the Awakened Heart Sangha. Our instructors have been practising meditation for many years and have undergone additional thorough training to ensure that they are qualified to introduce and guide others in the practice of meditation.

Look here for further information or  email manchester@ahs.org.uk.

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Seeing the Ungraspable

We experience something and we grasp at it. What we are grasping is not graspable. That is what we have to notice. This is an Ah-ha! moment. A Buddhist quote from Lama Shenpen for the Manchester meditation group.

Tibetan New Year Celebrations!

You are warmly invited to join us and celebrate the Tibetan New Year (Losar) at our retreat centre in North Wales. The weekend will be one of celebration, feasting, chanting and meditation. Practice done at this time is said to be especially auspicious.

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